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 Connor Hawke (WIP)

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Connor Hawke
Justice League Member
Justice League Member

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PostSubject: Connor Hawke (WIP)   Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:31 pm

Connor Oliver Hawke

Thirty-Seven || Green Arrow|| Starling City Police Captain  || Starling City

Hometown: Central City but conceived in Starling City
Current Residence: Starling City and Hawke Cave
Birthday: March 20, 2007
Powers: Archery, Ageless Longevity, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Psychological Abilities, Pain Tolerance, Clairvoyance, Martial Arts, and Aikido
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Hair Style: Short and Kept Neat
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5.12
Built: Slim and Muscular
Dressing Style: Usually jeans, t shirts, boots, dress shoes, sneakers if he is running, also wears a jacket for his work, and dresses in button down, sometimes a tie, dress pants, and dress shoes since he is a detective, and when he is in superhero form he dresses in the arrow outfit. He also keeps his detective badge near him at all times.
Other Features: Has tattoos like his father.

Likes: Law, Justice, Being a Hero, His father, His powers, and his younger brother Thaddeus.
Dislikes: Villains, Assassins, Crime, People thinking they can take over Starling City.
Fears: To see his work being taken away from him.
Strengths: Courage, Archery, Fighting, Bravery, Intelligence, Work
Weaknesses: Being a jerk at times.

Personality: Connor is generally a good and kind-hearted guy who takes his work very seriously and plans to watch his city with a close eye. Since he is the hero of Starling City and is apart of the Justice League. He is very intelligent, which had him become a detective of Starling City and the Captain, even though he could have been CEO of his father's business, but he knew he was much better at being a cop. Connor is also very skilled at the work he does, and is the hero is today because of his skill. Connor also is very independent. And prefers to due his job as being Green Arrow secretly.

Father's Name: Oliver Jonas Queen /54/ ( Adviser at Queen's Consolidated ) ( Former Green Arrow ) Living
Mother's Name: Sandra Hawke /54/ Business Worker Living
Siblings Name:
Thaddeus Arden Queen /21/ ( CEO of Queen's Consolidated and currently a Vigilante ) ( Black Ranger ) Living ( Half-Brother )
Robert Rodger Queen /18/ ( University Student ) Living ( Half-Brother )
Alexis Meghan Queen /14/ ( High School Student ) Living ( Half-Sister )
Other Members:
Dinah Laurel Lance /55/ ( District Attorney ) ( Step-Mother ) Living

History: Connor was born in Central City, but was conceived in Starling City. Ever since he was born till he was about ten or eleven his mother kept his father's identity a secret to him. Then once he found out who his father he decided to meet him at seventeen. Which lead to him to one day inheriting Queen's Consolidated, but he sadly let his brother Thaddeus have it since he felt he deserved it more than him. Which made him become a detective in Starling City and soon becoming Captain of the police force. He also became the Green Arrow like his father was before him, and he did which was  the better than being a CEO it meant he was a guardian of Starling City.  
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Brett Allen
Young Justice Leader
Young Justice Leader

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Age : 17
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PostSubject: Re: Connor Hawke (WIP)   Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:54 pm

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Connor Hawke (WIP)
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