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 Ethan Henry Allen

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Ethan Allen
Blackhurst Hostage
Blackhurst Hostage

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PostSubject: Ethan Henry Allen   Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:47 pm

Ethan Henry Allen

Twenty-Four || Bolt || S.T.A.R Labs Bio Engineer/Currently a Hostage  || Central City

Hometown: Central City, Missouri
Current Residence: Fort Blackhurst Prison ( being held hostage by Ronnie Raymond  men )
Birthday: November 4, 2014
Powers: Superhuman Speed, Steal Speed, Supercharged Brain Activity, Superhuman Stamina, Infinite Mass Punch, Speed Force Aura, Flight, Increased Perceptions, Phasing, Self-Sustainable, Speed Force Conduit, Vortex Creation,  Energy Construct Creation.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Hair Style: Short and somewhat comes up.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue with Green
Height: 5.12
Built: Muscular and Slim
Dressing Style: Mostly wears jeans, t shirts, plaid button downs, or a button down that he rolls up, he wears a jacket, sometimes his old football jackets from High School, when he works he usually wears dress pants, buttons downs, a vest, or sometimes wears jeans that are formal colored, dresses shoes or vintages shoes, he also wears sweatshirts when he is off duty, he also wears suits when he needed, but now he wears a white t shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, since he currently being held hostage.
Other Features: Has many scars from being tortured in Blackwell, and since he gets beaten everyday, he has several burns as well. He mostly has scars, and a tattoo of a tribal design on his back. He also many cuts and looks dirty at the moment.

Likes: Freedom when he had it, His father the man who ever really cared about Ethan, his brothers, Central City, his old mom the one he did care about him when she was good. His friends he made while being held hostage, working, Science.
Dislikes: Prison, Ronnie Raymond, His mother Killer Frost, Being held hostage, Life at the moment.
Fears: To die by the hands of his own biological mother, to not make it back to Central City, and find his brother, since he wants to find him, Finding out his dad is dead, and to see his cousin and brother fail Central City. To have his powers fade.
Strengths: Seeing his brothers and cousin, Bravery, Courage, Keeping strong, and have some hope, Intelligence, His compassion.
Weaknesses: Vulnerability, Pride, and Being weak.

Personality: Before Ethan was taken hostage a few years back, well about three years back, he had been the strong-willed one of his five siblings, him being the eldest of the five. He had always tried to look on the bright side, and been trusting of everyone, and had been a guardian of central city alongside with his cousin Wally West, on trying to do his father's work, but his cousin's uncle's work. They had been guardians, then once when S.T.A.R Labs was taken over by Ronnie Raymond he was taken out of it, and once he was put in prison he had began to change and become more cold.

Since his trust was taken from him, and know he Reserved and Guarded and Bitter, but still has some of his bravery back, but his powers are not able to work since a shield was put over it to prevent him from escaping, so he is weak, but he is still intelligent like always was which was from his parents he had been intelligent like all his siblings. All though now he is weak, and is growing cold.  

Father's Name: Barry Henry Allen /47/ ( Former Head CSI of Central City Police Department) ( Formerly the Flash, once he was reported missing Ethan's cousin Wally West came and took his spot as The Flash which was about six years ago. ) ( Presumed dead, but could be alive )
Mother's Name: Caitlin Raymond formerly Allen then before Snow. /47/ ( Former Bio-Engineer at S.T.A.R Labs now she works with Ronnie Raymond. ) ( Killer Frost ) Living sadly.
Siblings Name:
Kade Joseph Allen /22/ ( Frostbite ) ( University Student currently majoring in Science. Will be working at Mercury Labs once he is done. ) Living ( Central City )
Fiona Nora Allen /17/ ( High School Student/Killer and Evil just like their mother. ) ( Ice Wrath ) Living, but wishes she was not bad and was in Gotham with Brett and Cassius.
Brett Bartholomew Allen /17/ ( High School Student || Works at Wayne Enterprises || Vigilante of Gotham City ) ( Sliverbolt ) Living ( Gotham City )
Cassius Micheal Allen /9/ ( Elementary Student ) Living ( Gotham City )

Other Members:
Ronnie Raymond /47/ ( CEO of Firestorm Enterprises || Criminal ) ( Firestorm ) ( Step-father ) Living but wishes he was dead and drowned.
Nathan Fredrick Raymond /23/ ( Engineer at Mercury Labs || Vigilante ) ( Golden Fire ) ( Step brother who is actually nice and is currently searching for him alongside with Kade and Wally ) Living

Sophia Isabelle Raymond /21/ ( Journalist works with his Aunt Iris || Vigilante ) ( Blue Flame ) ( Step-sister who is also good and is trying to help with getting Ethan to safety and also finding his dad, and bringing his brother back to Central City) Living

Ezekiel Lucifer Raymond /18/ ( Dark Firestorm ) ( Firestorm Enterprises CEO Assistant || Villain ) ( Step-brother ) Living and wishes he was dead or in Iron Heights or Worse A.R.G.U.S prison.  

Wally Rudolph West /39/ ( Speedster || Detective ) ( The Flash ) ( Also Guardian and Cousin ) Alive and looking for Ethan. )

Iris West /47/  ( Head Reporter at Picture News ) ( Aunt ) Living

Ross Alexander Allen /43/ ( Department Manager at Wayne's Enterprises ) ( Uncle ) Living ( is guardian of Brett and Cassius )

History: Ethan was born into a happy family well former happy family, since it was kind of a one night stand between his parents, then two years later they got married, and had four other kids, but after that his life began to go downhill since his parents were thinking of splitting, then after Cassius was born his dad went missing and it caused for his brothers Brett and Cassius and his sister Fiona having to go to Gotham to get away from the crime that was going on.

Which left Ethan and Kade in Central City to live in fear as they lived with their cousin Wally West who is actually their guardian , but a few years after all that happened Ethan was taken hostage after S.T.A.R Labs was taken over by Ronnie Raymond which lead to many of its scientist being taken to a island to Fort Blackhurst which was a prison and they were put on it.

Which meant Ethan had left his job as a Bio-engineer and speedster to be tortured, and is currently trying to be found by A.R.G.U.S , police departments, Mercury Labs, Justice League, and by the good firestorms, and he also being looked for along side his father.

He is really hoping to just get home and be who he was once more.
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Brett Allen
Young Justice Leader
Young Justice Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Henry Allen   Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:46 pm

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Ethan Henry Allen
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